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Urban Studies

Urban Studies is the study of cities as social, political, economic, and cultural entities. Urban Studies brings many different perspectives to the study of urban life. It is an interdisciplinary major where students use the tools of sociology, political science, history, environmental studies, art and architecture to understand metropolitan areas in terms of complex relationships that contribute to opportunities and challenges. The major is designed with experiences that utilize the city as our classroom, demonstrating the interplay of theory, policy, and lived experience. Coursework often includes walking tours, field trips, and field research. Augsburg University’s Urban Studies program emphasizes the theme of planning urban and suburban areas to be more environmentally sustainable and promotes the health and civic engagement of citizens.

The Urban Studies major helps prepare students for careers and graduate work in community organizing, urban planning, public administration, environmental advocacy and sustainability planning, government service, social welfare and non-profit work, and architecture. All students participate in internships that reflect their career interests as part of their experience.

Many students who major in Urban Studies double-major in related disciplines such as Environmental Studies, Political Science or Sociology. If you’re interested in double-majoring, please consult the director of Urban Studies about how to best plan your academic schedule to accommodate both majors.