The Biology Department at Augsburg College focuses on teaching students the core principles of biology while providing courses in a wide variety of biology sub-disciplines. These courses, combined with opportunities for research, give students the tools with which to better understand, analyze and interpret the ever evolving field of biology and provide students the background to enter graduate and professional programs.

 Department Facts

  • There are currently over 200 majors and minors in biology
  • The ten-year average of biology majors reveals that more than 60% have continued on in graduate or professional programs (plant biology, neuroscience, immunology, cell biology, environmental science, medical school, PA, PT, dental, nursing)
  • The department includes seven full-time faculty and another three full-time equivalents covered by adjunct instructors.
  • Four biology faculty are heavily involved with year-round research efforts working with collaborators at the University of Minnesota.
  • Each biology major takes nine courses in biology along with 4-8 supporting courses in chemistry, mathematics and physics. All of these courses include labs.
  • The biology department offers or shares in offering five courses in the general education or service to other majors such as Environmental Studies, Social Work, Education, Music Therapy and Physical Therapy.