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“133 Skyway” and “The Doe Boy” (dir. Randy Redroad)

November 12, 2008

133 Skyway and The Doe Boy (both directed by Randy Redroad)

Augsburg College
Science Hall, Room 123, 707 21st Avenue South

Screening at 6 p.m.

Limited parking available in Lot A (see map link below)

randy133 Skyway (2006, 22 min.) is a visceral reflection of urban homelessness, survival and friendship. Derek Miller plays Hartley, a homeless man trying to get his guitar out of hock.  As his health fails, Hartley relies on a troubled friend and the kindness of a lonely pawnshop employee. The film won Best Narrative Short at the 2008 Fargo International Film Festival.


The Doe Boy (2001, 83 minutes) The Doe Boy tells the story of Hunter, a half Cherokee cursed with the unfortunate affliction of hemophilia, a white man’s disease. Guarded by his overprotective mother, all he really wants is to be able to hunt like his father. On his first and only hunting trip, he mistakenly kills a doe, a major taboo that earns him the nickname “Doe Boy,” and the disappointment of his father.  As he moves forward in life, his grandfather teaches him the importance between hunting and killing and gives him the courage to find the love he desperately seeks.

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