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All Events are in Sateren Auditorium, Music Hall

715  22 Ave South  (Sateren is located facing 7 ½ Street)

Film Events are Free

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Bear-Butte-3November 18:
Mato Paha: Rally to Protect Bear Butte (Mitchell Zephier Sr, 2009)

Hosted by Mitchell Zephier Sr., Mark ST. Pierre, and Tilda Long Soldier

7:00 pm-10:00 pm

Mato Paha: Rally to Protect Bear Butte “documents the escalating clash of cultures between those wanting to increase commercial use of the sacred site-Mato Paha  (Bear Butte)-and those who strive to protect it and use it for religious purposes.  Mato Paha clearly portrays the cultural contrast between Indigenous values, beliefs and practices and the American perspective of land ownership and constitutional separation of civil government and religion” (Press Release).

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February 4: Lost Sparrow (Chris Billing, 2008) Hosted by Chris Billing and Sandy White Hawk.lost-sparrow-bside-festival1

7:00-10:00 pm

Lost Sparrow is documentary filmmaker Chris Billing’s journey to find the answers to why his two brothers, adopted out of the Crow community, ran away from their adopted home and died in upstate New York.  In this highly personal film, Chris attempts to find answers to these questions and to bring his brothers’ bodies back to be buried in their traditional homeland.   Lost Sparrow is an emotional story that connects to similar stories in many of our lives.

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March 23: Mona Smith: Media Artist a Retrospective  Hosted by Mona Smith and Jennifer Machiorlatti

5:30-6:30 pm Reception sponsored by ACTC Women’s Studies—Sateren Auditorium Atrium

6:30-9:30 Screening

Mona Smith is a Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota whose award winning multimedia video work has focused on Dakota health, wellness, and history.  This retrospective will include the following videos and projects:  The Bertha Iron Boy Story, Between Fences, Bdote Podcast, City Indians, Cloudy Waters: Dakota Reflections on the River, Mnisota: Dakota Homeland instillation, Bdote Podcast, Bdote Memory Map website.

For more information on the Mona Smith and Allies: media/art visit: