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2016-2017 Film Series Season

Welcome to the Augsburg Native American Film Series! This year is full of variety and energy. We will update this page as our season progresses so check in periodically.

September 21, 2016: Jingle Dress (William Eigen, 2014)JINGLE_DRESS poster image

The Augsburg Native American Film Series is happy to co-sponsor with Augsburg’s Student groups –AISA (Augsburg Indigenous Student Association) and Marginalized Voices in Film and Media–this free film screening on campus. This feature length film is set and filmed in Minnesota and William Eigen will be there to talk with you about the film!

Desert Storm war vet John Red Elk moves his family off the reservation in rural northern Minnesota, to the inner core of Minneapolis to investigate the mysterious death of his long lost Uncle Norton. Mostly seen through the eyes of the ten year old daughter, we follow this family as they experience the foreign culture of an urban big city and gain a new understanding and appreciation for their own Native American roots.-Bill Eigen.

November 2, 2016: NDNZ in the City: Multi-media narratives of American Indian culture in the heart of Los Angeles, California RealNDNZPoster2016

Join us for an evening of talk, short films, photographs, and personal stories from Pamela Peters. The evening’s event will showcase Peter’s newest documentary film Legacy of Exiled NDNZ and multimedia presentation Real NDNZ re-take Hollywood .

March 8, 2017: Red Power Energy

Drilling site sign on the Wind River Reservation, WY. Photo by Lisa D. Olken

Oglala Lakota Director, Larry Pourier will host a screening of the film he co-directed, Red Power Energy. This timely documentary presents a variety of Native American perspectives on the energy debates that highlight the controversial nature of energy development within Native community self-determination, sovereignty, and environmental sustainability. Red Power Energy is a documentary film that combines engaging storytelling with in-depth journalism. Told solely from the Native perspective, with a nearly all-Native film crew and all-Native Advisory Council, the film features Western and Great Plains American Indian tribes from North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

March 16:The Seventh Fire (Directed by Jack Pettibone Riccobono, 2015)

From executive producers Terrence Malick, Natalie Portman and Chris Eyre comes a filmstill_kevinrob_theseventhfirefascinating new documentary. When Rob Brown, a Native American gang leader on a remote Minnesota reservation, is sentenced to prison for a fifth time, he must confront his role in bringing violent drug culture into his beloved Ojibwe community. As Rob reckons with his past, his seventeen-year-old protégé, Kevin, dreams of the future: becoming the most powerful and feared Native gangster on the reservation.

For parking permits contact M. Elise Marubbio at Permits are limited in number. For parking directions visit: You will be parking in Lot L off of 35th between Riverside and Butler Pl. You will need a parking permit.

March 17 & 18 INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place./ it flies.falls./] (directors Zack and Adam Khalil, INAATE/SE2016) at the Walker Art Center.

The new documentary, INAATE/SE is part of the INDIgenesis: Indigenous Filmmakers, Past and Present film screenings at the Walker Art Center.

This experimental documentary explores the Ojibwe story of the Seven Fires Prophecy, which has been interpreted as predicting the arrival of the Europeans in North America and the subsequent destruction they caused. Bold, smart, and unflinching, the film examines the relationship between cultural tradition and modern indigenous identity. 2016, US/Canada, 75 minutes.

As copresenters, the Augsburg Native American Film Series is proving 50 free tickets to each screening: March 17, 2017, 6:30 pm at the Walker Cinema and March 18, 2017, 7:30 pm at the Walker Cinema. Please contact M. Elise Marubbio ( or 612-330-1523) to be put on a reserve ticket list.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Augsburg Native American Film Series or this project, please send your checks to

Augsburg Native American Film Series
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