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Mission Statement

The Augsburg Native American Film Series (ANAFS) grew out of a love for film and a desire to increase the number of venues for Native American filmmakers in Minneapolis.  The energy that drives the ANAFS is based on a commitment to affecting the world through artistic collaboration and a belief in the power of film to inform, affect, and stimulate vastly different groups of people.  Our goals include the following:

  • Offer regional venues for Native American filmmakers—both seasoned and youth—to present their films and engage other communities in dialogue about the films and the process and politics of working as a Native American filmmaker.
  • Build collaborative relationships between the local Native American community and other communities that honor the rich tradition of Native American film in Minnesota and the surrounding area.
  • Develop an interactive environment where students and community participants critically engage with the tough issues raised by many Native filmmakers about America’s history, our contemporary culture, and social justice.
  • Provide a traveling selection of films to rural and reservation communities during the summer.
  • Ensure that all film screenings are free to the public.