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Native American Film Series – Film Series 2006-07

film07Documentaries at Augsburg:

Place: Science Building, room 123, 7:00-10:00 pm

January 30, 2007 

American Indian Homelands: Matters of truth, honor and dignity-immemorial. (Barry ZeVan, 2005)

Film Screening will be hosted by Cris Stainbrook, president of the Land Tenure


This award-winning documentary focuses on 120 years of tribal land loss due to federal Indian policy and how that loss still affects Native peoples today. Hosted by Sam Donaldson, the film recounts the recent history of Indian lands through personal narratives of those who have lived the reality of land loss.

February 28

A Tattoo on my Heart: The Warriors of Wounded Knee 1973 (Charles Abourezk and Brett Lawlor, 2004)

Film Screening will be hosted by Bill Means

A Tattoo on My Heart tells the dramatic and emotional story of the siege of Wounded Knee in 1973 in the words of those men and women who were there. “On February 27, 1973 traditional and AIM leaders chose another location to make a stand–the site of the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. Cold, hungry, and armed only with hunting rifles, fake guns, and one AK-47, they held out for 71 days against the US government. Over 500,000 rounds were exchanged between federal officers and Indians during the siege. Two Indians were killed, and several other wounded.”

March 14

Maria Tallchief (Sandy Osawa, 2007)

Hosted by Sandy Osawa.

Maria Tallchief is the untold story about the life and artistry of Maria Tallchief, who rose from an Indian community in Oklahoma to become America’s first prima ballerina. Her marriage and partnership with Ballanchine ignited the founding of the New York City Ballet. Please come and meet the filmmaker, Sandy Osawa, who will introduce the film and talk about her work as a Native American filmmaker.

New Voices in Native Media

Hosted by Indigenous Film and Media

Place: The Center for Independent Artists, 7:00-10:00 pm

4137 Bloomington Ave. South

at the Instituto de Cultrua Y Educacion


Friday April 13 

6:00-7:00 p.m. Reception for filmmakers

7:00-9:00 p.m. Screenings:

Medical Animation (1.20 min, Mike Medicine Horse)

Hybrid Medical Demo (2.45 min, Mike Medicine Horse)

Onenhohgwa’ (Corn Soup) (15 min, Torry Mendoza)

Plastic Warriors (16.40 min, Amy Tall Chief)

Neinoo (4.3 min, Missy Whiteman)

The Rocking Chair (6.38 min, Cineastas de Granda Nicaragua)

Saturday April 14 

7:00-9:00 p.m. Screenings:

Native Pride (7.40 min, PCTV “Avid! Summer 2006”)

The Women on the Streets (10 min, PCTV “Avid! Summer 2006”)

We and Me A Film About Us (16 min, Circle of Nations Students)

The Corse of Her Key (4 min, TVbyGirls)

Simone’s Dance (4.45 min, TVbyGirls)

Supul the Witch (4.30 min, TVbyGirls)

Mookibi (20 min, New Voices)

Remember When (5 min, New Voices)

Aftereffects (8 min, New Voices)

My Warrior (4 min, New Voices)

In Loving Memory (9 min, New Voices)

Indian Humor 2 (18 min, New Voices)

Gagey’s Life (4 min, New Voices)

Native American Voices

Native American Voices: Selections from the 7th Annual Fargo International Film Series

Place: Augsburg College

Science Building, Room 123

721 21st Avenue South

Time: 5 – 8 p.m.

Saturday May 12:

Waterbuster (79 min., J. Carlos Pienado)

Silent Thunder (27 min., Angelique Midthunder)

American Cowboys (47 min, Cedric and Tania Wildbill)

Sunday May 13:

Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing) (3.35 min, Cedar Sherbert)

Manoomin: The Sacred Food (3.10 min, Jack Pettibone Riccobono)

Mile Post 398 (110 min., Shanie and Andee De La Rosa)

Special Events

Mobile Media Showcase—

Traveling Film Series, Summer 2007

Indigenous Environmental Film Series—

Showings Nov. 5th-8, 2006 at the University of Minnesota West Bank

November 5, 6:30 pm

Trudell (the movie) with Guest Speaker John Trudell

West Bank, Willey Hall, 225 19th Avenue South, Mpls.

Reception to follow at the Wolve’s Den, 1201 East Franklin

November 6

6:30 pm, Be True to Your Self (Ain Dah Yung)

7:30 pm, Homeland (Bull Frog Films)

West Bank, Willey Hall, 225 19th Avenue South, Mpls.

November 7

6:30 pm, Ogitchidag Gikinwoamaagad

7:30 pm, Oil on Ice (Bull Frog Films)

West Bank, Willey Hall, 225 19th Avenue South, Mpls.

November 8   

6:30 pm, Tobacco: A Gift of Choice (Shenandoah Films)

7:30 pm, Drumbeat of Mother Earth (Bullfrog Films)

West Bank, Anderson Hall 257 19th Aven. South, Mpls.

This special event is part of a collaborative event, Tobacco is Sacred, sponsored by Honor the Youth Organization, which includes the 1st Annual Hand Drum Competition (November 3-4).   For more information on the Hand Drum competition contact 612-722-1978.  For more information on the film events contact Marissa Carr (University of Minnesota Circle of Indigenous Nations) at 612-624-0243 or Elise Marubbio (Augsburg Native American Film Series) at 612-330-1523.

March 3

Screening with Filmmakers: 

Indigenous Films & Media  from South America

7-8 p.m. Screening of  Darini: Spiritual initiation of Xavante children ( Waisásse, 46 minutes, 2005).  Caimi Waiásse belongs to the central Brazilian Xavante.8-9 pm Screening of Sujuitaya Yosuu (The Liberation of Yosuu) (Palmer 2005)

David Hernández Palmar is Wayuu of Venezuela and Colombia border.

Following the screenings, the filmmakers will answer questions and reflect on their work and collaborations with others, both native and nonnative, concerning issues of authorship and agency, use of communication technologies, and how their work addresses contemporary issues and indigenous cultural identity on a local, national, and global scales.