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Matriarchal Voices–Stories of Indigenous Women Filmmakers


April 2, 2014

Matriarchal Voices–Stories of Indigenous Women Filmmakers – “Spider Woman’s Call”

Hosted by Director Jennifer Machiorlatti

Matriarchal Voices – Stories of Indigenous Women Filmmakers is a lyrical documentary series presenting stories about the storytellers – Indigenous women who use film, video, and multimedia to carry on storytelling traditions through contemporary media.  “Spider Woman’s Call” – episode one of the series focuses on five filmmakers from the U.S. and Canada who share their motivations for working in cinematic storytelling—from cultural recovery and celebration to the importance of historical accuracy.

About the Director:

Jennifer Machiorlatti is a media artist and educator who has exhibited work at national and international film festivals, galleries and on the web. Her essays on Indigenous and women’s media appear in the South Atlantic Review, PostScript – Essays in Film and the Humanities, Ethnic Media in America, Framing the World: Ecocriticism and Film and Native American Voices: Conversations, Teaching, and Theory.  Jennifer teaches media and cultural studies, media production and intercultural communication at Western Michigan University.  She is an organic gardener and works with the Detroit, Michigan based EarthWalk organization initiating and mentoring young women.

April 2, 2014

Time: 6:15-9:00

  • Reception 6:15-6:45
  • Introductions, Screening & Discussion 6:45 pm-9:00pm

Sateren Auditorium, Music Hall, 715 22nd Ave South

Thank you to our sponsors: the American Indian Studies Department, the Augsburg Native American Film Series, Women’s Studies and the Anne Pederson Women’s Resource Center.

For parking permits contact M. Elise Marubbio at Permits are limited in number. For parking directions visit: You will be parking in Lot L off of 35th between Riverside and Butler Pl. You will need a parking permit.

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