Why Study Political Science?

Why study political science at Augsburg College? In part because we bring the world to our students, and our students out into the world.  Whether it is the study of revolutions, social movements, immigration, race and ethnicity, music and politics, the impact of the internet on public life, or the politics of the Mississippi River, these subjects are brought to life for our students through direct engagement and experiential learning.

social change in Egypt

Presenters during a recent forum on youth movements and social change in Egypt

Augsburg Political Science students learn through the use of simulations in the classroom, study abroad, field research and internships in legislative offices in St. Paul and Washington, D.C., and by attending Model UN conferences in New York City.  We look forward to seeing what you have to offer in our ongoing discussion and exploration of these important issues and pressing needs.

Students and faculty in the Political Science Department at Augsburg study politics because we want to learn how to become more effective at changing the world, and our graduates have gone on to do just that—in the fields of public law, foreign service, international healthcare, education, and non-profit issue advocacy (check out our Careers page for a few examples).