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Faith Communities


We were blessed to be invited into the lives of 12 local faith communities currently doing exceptional ministry with youth adults as part of Phase One. These faith communities represent a variety of denominations, cultures, ethnicities, and approaches to ministry. Some have been around for over 100 years while some are just beginning and many are in between. Whether they gather by the dozens or thousands, these faith communities have created space for young adults. Our research team is working to discover what makes these communities effective with young adults. The analysis is not complete and will, therefore, reveal more as the research team continues to work through it. However, we have already identified many important themes.

Summary of phase One



Applications for Track 1 opportunities closed Apr. 15, 2018. We are glad to partner with 16 congregations for Track 1 and 9 congregations for Track 3!

Still interested? It is not too late! We accepts Track 3 applications on a rolling basis.

Track 3 Application Information



  • Blue: Track 1 Congregations
  • Orange: Track 3 Congregations