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Icon_human symbols standing in a circle embracing a lightbulbOUR LEARNINGS

Some of the Key Learnings from Phase One and Phase Two of our project can be found in the PDF of our learning report.

Congregational Toolbox icon_happy faceOUR RESEARCH

Phase One of our project studied 12 congregations that were nominated by their peers as communities currently doing effective work with young adults. While our team continues working on analyzing our research, we have discovered some fascinating and helpful characteristics and values which we are excited to share!


Important Values and Characteristics icon_ a starTHE PUBLIC CHURCH FRAMEWORK & BEST QUESTIONS

This page provides a collection of all blogs on the Public Church Framework and the Best Questions to help you work on each artform.


How to be rooted in theology while comfortably and effectively leading change, innovation, and continuous improvement? This page provides resources (books, blogs, articles, websites) to support your leadership and your efforts in building a strong faith community.




Here is a collection of studies done by different individuals and organizations on topics regarding “young adults.” While these readings may be useful and spark imaginations, we think that it is important for congregations to NOT talk ABOUT young adults but actually talk to them and takes time to build a meaningful, trusting relationship with them. We also encourage congregations to be open to share power with young adult leaders, whose knowledge, experience, and passion can be a gift to the congregation and its neighbors.

Build skills icon_a lightbulbBUILD SKILLS

How to comfortably and creatively lead and manage change? How to create a culture of both innovation and continuous improvement? This page provides resources (books, websites, tools) to help build your capacities in (1) building communities, (2) creating a learning culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, and innovation, and (3) managing and leading change.