Jane Addams School


The Jane Addams School for Democracy brings immigrant families, college students and other community members together to do public work and learning. It is a community-based initiative inspired by the vision of democracy, productive citizenship, and popular education held by settlement house pioneers like Jane Addams, who created Hull House in Chicago in 1889.
Participants in the school include long-time community residents, refugee and immigrant adults and children, as well as students, faculty, and staff from nine Twin Cities colleges and universities. The non-bureaucratic and non-hierarchical structure of Jane Addams School breaks down barriers so that people can work together across language, culture, gender, and age differences to address issues that impact their daily lives.
In 2007, the Kettering Foundation published an engaging account of the Jane Addams School as told through the voices of the school’s participants. Voices of Hope: The Story of the Jane Addams School for Democracy features 22 essays by 12 writers, including non-native English speakers, and more than 75 photos.

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