Kurt Devine

Medical Director

CB 149

Dr. Kurt DeVine is nationally known for his work in Substance Use Disorder treatment and provider education, with over 34 years of clinical practice as a Family Medicine Physician. Dr. Devine has been teaching Augsburg PA students through the ECHO Substance Use Disorder curriculum, supported by a Minnesota Department of Health grant, and is an active precepeptor in Family Medicine to our PA students.

Medical School: University of Minnesota School of Medicine.
Residency: Sioux Falls Family Practice Residency Program.
Specialty/Board Certification: Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine (Carries an XDEA number for Suboxone prescribing)
Certification: Minnesota Medical Association, American Academy of Family Practice, American Society of Addiction Medicine, Minnesota Academy of Family Practice
Professional Associations: American Academy of Family Practice. Minnesota Medical Association. American Society of Addiction Medicine, Minnesota Medical Association