Sally Durand

Director of Teacher Education Programs in Rochester

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Sally Durand is Director of Education Programs on the Rochester Campus. Her teaching experiences include teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to adults and adolescents. She has undertaken this work in many diverse settings, including Parma, Italy, New York City and Somali communities in Minnesota. To better serve multilingual learners, she has designed curriculum and pedagogical materials and utilized authentic materials for classroom instruction. She created an ESL program and curriculum for secondary English Language Learners in a charter high school. Also, she created TOEFL test preparation, course curriculum, content and website design for academic English courses and wrote a textbook for English for Specific Purposes. Her passion for teacher education includes teaching future ESL teachers and supporting content area teachers to better serve multilingual learners. She has taught future teachers at the University of Illinois Chicago, Loyola University and Augsburg University.

Her years of teaching multilingual learners in multiple settings has shaped her scholarship and research. Her research interests include the adaptation and implementation of authentic materials in ESL pedagogy and pedagogical applications of computer corpus tools and analysis. Her current research is focused on improving language and academic skills of Somali Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE) in Minnesota Schools.  


  • Bachelor of Arts, Purdue University
  • Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics/TESOL, the University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education in Curriculum and Instruction, the University of Illinois at Chicago


ESL 320 Introduction to Linguistics

ESL 330/510 History and Structure of the English Language

ESL 410 ESL Testing and Evaluation

ESL 490/530 Language, Culture and Schools

ESL 420/540 ESL Methods

ESL 310 Second Language Acquisition


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She accepts advising appointments by email for phone or Zoom conversations.