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Augsburg Builds Connections

Key in a puzzle piece

Augsburg College has graduated more than 16,500 students since 1869, many of whom have ascended to the top of their respective fields. Recognizing the essential role career mentoring plays in higher education, Augsburg provides an opportunity for alumni, parent professionals, and friends of the college to be involved as mentors in the lives and success of Auggie students. While advising focuses on skills needed for academic success, career mentoring focuses on the important human relationships and resources needed for professional success.

The Augsburg Builds Connections (ABC) mentoring program is one of many ways which Augsburg parents, alumni, and friends of the college are able to give back to the college by supporting our current students. This volunteer driven program is designed to connect students with mentors who will provide them with the guidance, networking opportunities, and resources required to complete the complex puzzle. The flexible nature of the program lets both the student and mentor to connect via email, phone, skype, or face-to-face meetings.

If you wish to learn more about the Augsburg Builds Connections program or other volunteer programs please contact David “DJ” Hamm, Volunteer and Alumni Engagement Manager, via email at or by phone at 612-330-1329.