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It’s about Self-discovery, Meaningful Connections and the Journey

Shane Xiong, Singha Village, Cambodia with a child on his backSeveral students from Augsburg College, including Shane Xiong ’16, traveled to Cambodia for a service trip with the Global Connections Project that partly focused on human/sex trafficking. They visited Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam before reaching Cambodia, then stayed more than a week in Singha village at the Khmer Heart Center teaching conversational English to local children. Before they left, the Auggies raised funds for school supplies and uniforms for their students. They also raised funds to purchase bikes for some of the kids who walk up to five miles just to attend school. Their experience in traveling with meaning, being of service, and enriching lives has been rewarding and has left lasting and profound impacts upon each of them.

Shane reflects, “Our crossover to Cambodia went smoother than expected…made our first stop in Phnom Penh. It’s a beautiful place with its faults, as would any place (though manifested in different ways). More importantly though, it’s filled with beautiful people. We actually were in the midst of a political protest as well. Factory workers were out in the streets marching & protesting for better living conditions…”

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” by Mahatma Gandhi

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Auggies in Phnom Penh, Cambodia