Financial Aid and Scholarships



In addition to federal and state loans and grants, students may be eligible for scholarships. Available scholarships are listed below.

The Grand Scholarship

Taking that first step towards completing your degree is challenging. Augsburg would like to provide some additional support for you. Our Grand Scholarship awards $1000 to any adult student who begins the Adult Undergraduate program this fall and meets the following criteria:

  • New student to Augsburg
  • Seeking an initial BA or BS degree (exception for those seeking a BSN degree)
  • Enrolls in the Adult Undergrad program for fall 2014 term
  • Registers for six courses – two each term for fall, spring and summer

By taking six courses over the next year you will be making great progress towards your degree. The scholarship will be pro-rated over the three terms, providing even funding for your first year. The scholarship will be renewed for the following year as long as you remain in good standing as a student and register for two courses per term.

With this scholarship, tuition is $402.00 per credit for 18 credits, taken over 3 terms, fall, spring and summer.

Military Tuition Grant

Augsburg offers a tuition discount of $46 per credit (no max) to personnel currently serving full- or part-time in any branch of the United States armed forces or veterans of any branch. For more detailed information, including additional VA benefit programs, visit the Military Support website. (The tuition grant is available only to students in the adult undergraduate program.)

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many companies support their employees’ education by providing tuition reimbursement for approved courses. Find out more on the Student Financial Services page.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

Augsburg recognizes academically qualified transfer students from community colleges who are members of Phi Theta Kappa. (A tuition discount of $75 per credit, max of $600 per semester.)

Partnership Grant

The Augsburg Partnership Grant applies to new enrolling students only and allows employees of partner institutions to receive a tuition discount in the form of a grant. Application fees of $35 are also waived. If a student enrolls in an Employer Tuition Reimbursement Payment Plan, the $30 processing fee is also waived.

American Indian Scholarships

American Indian students who meet federal, state, or tribal requirements may apply for special scholarships. Contact Augsburg’s American Indian Student Services program for more information.

PRIME Scholarship

Students who receive a scholarship from their Lutheran congregation may receive a match in Augsburg scholarship dollars up to a maximum of $750 per year ($375 per term). This application and payment from the sponsoring organization should be submitted to the Enrollment Center. Please make payment payable to Augsburg College. Download an application.

AmeriCorps Grant

AmeriCorps volunteers who have served at least half time for one year, who are qualified for admission to Augsburg College, and who enroll within five years of the completion of their service may receive an AmeriCorps grant. Please visit the Student Financial Services page for more information and to download the application.

Minnesota Nursing Association

The Minnesota Nurses Association offers scholarships to nurses who are members. See the MNA website for information.

For information on financial aid or tuition discount programs, contact the Enrollment Center.