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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my associates degree is not yet finished when I apply?

Students who have not completed their ADN prior to applying will be admitted on a provisional-contingent basis. This means once your associates is complete, you will need to request a final official transcript with your degree earned listed. After passing your NCLEX, you will be required to submit a copy of your RN license to the program advisor in order to take core nursing classes.

Can I join the program if I haven’t taken the NCLEX yet?

Yes! All students who have earned as associates in nursing are eligible to join. You cannot take core nursing classes until you pass this exam. There are several courses you may need to fulfill, including a required undergraduate course. Many students start with this course, take their NCLEX early-mid semester, and begin nursing classes the following semester.

Who makes the admission decision on my application file?

Each application file is reviewed by the nursing admissions counselor and makes the final admission decision.

May I speak with someone regarding pathway options?

Absolutely! We highly recommend that you speak with the admissions counselor prior to applying to ensure you understand the pathway options. Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at one of our information sessions.