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Campus Kitchen

The Campus Kitchen at Augsburg University works to make healthy food accessible to all in and around the Cedar Riverside Neighborhood to provide for basic needs, service learning, leadership development, and genuine engagement between the University and the community. We have four components that all work to make learning happen through connections with food and the community:

Food to Share: Over 1,000 meals served each month by volunteers and service learners to youth programs, homeless shelters, seniors, and community centers. Most of the meals are created from the surplus food from A’viands Augsburg Dining, and some is prepared from scratch in our Campus Cooking Classes.

Food to Grow: Over 80 community garden plots for neighbors, organizations, and the Augsburg community organizations to grow their own food. Communal plots are open for anyone to harvest from, and excess produce is incorporated into the meal program.

Food to Buy:  Two mini farmers markets on campus and in the community allow local producers to provide for the nutritional needs of the community. Markets run once a week through the summer.

Food to Know: Educational programming for students, neighborhood youth, and others help make the connection between food, health, and the environment. Participants develop cooking and gardening skills in addition to exploring other food issues.