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Get Involved

Sign up for a volunteer shift (on the right side of this page). Email with questions!


Volunteering is easy. All of our shifts begin and end on campus, and our shift leaders transport volunteers from and back to campus in our van.

What to wear: You definitely need to wear closed-toed shoes, and please wear long pants, and bring a hat or tie your hair back before you get here.

Illness: If you planned to come and are sick, please don’t come to the kitchen, rest up, and just let us know as soon as you’re able to we can plan around your absence. If you recently worked with us and are sick, our health inspectors require us to keep record of it, so please email to report an illness.

Requirements: Anyone under 16 years of age will need an adult chaperone. Besides that, there’s little else besides coming in healthy (obviously, let us know if you’re feeling lousy and need to cancel). All our shifts are designed to be comfortable for someone’s first trip into the neighborhood or someone’s first time cooking a meal in the kitchen.

Now what? Just check out the Sign-Up links on the right to see when shifts are happening, and sign up for a shift when you’re ready! And if you have any questions, please e-mail