Our schedule is fairly consistent, but the exact time will change a bit over the seasons. Please look at the volunteer calendar for the current times. Here is our general schedule with a little description of who we serve:

Meal Deliveries:

Mondays-Thursday early evening – ┬áBrian Coyle Community Center – Youth (mostly East African)

Tuesday lunch time – Peace House

Thursday lunch time – Prepare meals for seniors in Augsburg kitchen

Thursday lunch time to early afternoon – Deliver lunch boxes to homebound seniors

Friday evenings – Senior banquet at Ebenezer Tower Apartment

Again, for the most current schedule, and to see which shifts are filled or not, see our Volunteer Calendar and then Sign Up here.

Cooking Classes:

Sunday evenings 6-8pm in the Augsburg kitchen

Farmers Market (July to October):

Tuesdays 11-2 pm at Augsburg Foss Chapel

Gleaning (July to October):

Saturdays 12-2 Mill City Farmers’ Market