Ibrahim Al-Hajiby – Intern

Ibrahim Al-Hajiby is a senior at Augsburg College pursuing a double major in International Business and International Relations. He is interested in the intersection of business and politics. This past fall, he served as a Congressional Intern with the U.S. House of Representatives. Ibrahim also spent the last two summers working in Chicago with both CAIR-Chicago and Kemper Corporation consecutively. Ibrahim decided to join Campus Kitchen because the kids make him happy, and he wanted to be a role model for young East African kids in the Brian Coyle Center.

Emily Campbell – Shift leader

I’m Emily Campbell and I’m a sophomore studying Sociology and Peace and Global Studies. This is my third semester working with Campus Kitchen and I absolutely love it. During that time, I’ve participated at each different site at least once, but I currently lead the shift at the Peace House every Tuesday. The Peace House is a place where marginalized individuals can gather in community for a meal and conversation. Each trip to the Peace House is a new experience and I look forward to it every week.

Carter CasaDeCalvo – Intern


Rhys Dilenschneider – Intern

I am currently a sophomore, and my major is Social Work. I have been involved with Campus Kitchen for 4-5 months. I enjoy volunteering because I like helping others and get to see the smile on peoples faces when I serve them food.

Rachel Shaheen – Shift leader

My name is Rachel Shaheen and I am fourth year student studying Biology, Environmental Studies, and Music.  I lead the Friday night shift to Ebenezer Tower and have been doing this shift for three years now.  Ebenezer Tower is a senior independent living apartment in South Minneapolis.  I love this shift because of the people.  I am so lucky that I get to start every weekend by eating dinner with the folks at Ebenezer.  They always have amazing stories to share and they are always excited to hear my stories as well.

Hannah Thiry – Intern

Hello! I’m Hannah and am a sophomore. I’m majoring in Biology and hope to have a future within health care someday. I’ve been involved with Campus Kitchens since fall of my first year and have loved it since the beginning! I especially love the Cooking Shift, as I enjoy cooking and baking with all my friends and wonderful volunteers! While I’m not in the biology lab or kitchen, I am active within the Honors Program, Campus Ministry, and volunteering in the Emergency Room. Come join the Cooking Shift and sample all the delicious food we prepare :)

Allyson Green – Director

Allyson joined the Campus Kitchen in Fall 2014 after completing an MS in Environmental Justice and Environmental Health. While in graduate school, she spent her time organizing students and digging in the dirt with the University of Michigan Sustainable Food Program and Campus Farm. Her previous experience includes public health research on small-scale gold mining in Ghana, environmental education in Milwaukee, community outreach on water quality and coal mining in Appalachia, and science education research and service learning at Calvin College. She works with food because everyone eats food – it’s a common ground issue that is connected to myriad complex environmental and social issues. When she’s not serving meals or gardening with students, she can be found canning, making homemade ice cream, or wandering in the woods with a Wendell Berry book in hand.