The Augsburg film major reflects our belief that students are transformed through a well-rounded curriculum that encourages creative inquiry, critical analysis, ethical considerations, and an understanding of the synergy between theory and practice.

At the heart of the film major is the exploration of film as both an art form and as a form of commerce. Before a student graduates with a film studies degree, they not only receive classroom instruction but also have the opportunity to study abroad, learn alongside a professional with an internship, or enroll in an independent study course where they spend an entire semester researching, writing, or producing a project that interests them.

During their time at Augsburg, students will gain experience in scripting, shooting, directing, and editing both 16mm film and digital video. They will also become familiar with film theory, film criticism, and the impact film media has on cultures around the world. Students are encouraged to double major or to seek minors in related fields such as art, English, history, communication studies, women’s studies, or American Indian studies, to name a few.

See the full information on academic requirements in the Academic Catalog.

Equipment and Facilities

The film program is housed in the Foss Center across the street from the library. During an average semester film students produce 200 projects in live TV, film and digital video. A crew of helpful and knowledgeable work study students are ever present to assist productions whether in the studio, the edit suites, or on the campus grounds.

  • 60’ x 60’ Production Studio
  • Six 16mm film cameras
  • Four film editing stations
  • Film to tape telecine
  • Six Sony digital camcorders
  • Six Mac’s with Final Cut Pro
  • Music library
  • Feature Length Script library

Fine Arts Scholarship

The Fine Arts Scholarship in Film is awarded by Augsburg film faculty to incoming first-year and transfer students who have excelled in film production and demonstrate exceptional potential in film. Learn more at the Fine Arts Scholarship in Film page.