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Equipment and Facilities

The film program is housed in the Foss Center across the street from the library. During an average semester film students produce 200 projects in live TV, film and digital video. A crew of helpful and knowledgeable work study students are ever present to assist productions whether in the studio, the edit suites, or on the campus grounds. We provide everything you need to make your creative projects come to life: media labs, edit stations in film and video, a TV studio, green screen, podcasting station, VO booth, and a robust selection of audio visual gear.

Degree Requirements 2023-2024

The Augsburg Film major reflects our belief that students are transformed through a well-rounded curriculum that encourages creativity, critical analysis and inquiry, ethical considerations, and an understanding of the synergy between theory and practice. The major explores the tension between art and commerce through dialogues with film industry members, internship and mentorship opportunities, film symposia, and Study Abroad. Students will gain experience in scripting, directing, editing, acting, and producing for both 16mm film and digital. Students will be introduced to the study of film theory, criticism, and culture. Students are encouraged to double major or to seek minors in related fields such as Art, English, Theater, Communication Studies, American Indian Studies, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, to name a few.

Required of all Film Majors:

Nine core courses plus three electives from one of two tracks of study:

  • FLM 180 – Film Sight and Sound
  • FLM 216 – Film Production I
  • FLM 260 – Documentary Production I
  • FLM 420 – Issues in Contemporary Cinema
  • FLM 490 – Film Studies Keystone: Critical Conversations about Film and Vocation
  • COM 247 – Documentary History and Theory
  • ENL 241 – Intro to Cinema Arts
  • ENL 371 – History of Cinema
  • One of THR 232 or THR 233 (Production track majors may substitute FLM 372: Producing for Film and Television)
    • THR 232 – Acting
    • THR 233 – Acting for Camera
  • Three electives must be chosen from one of the two defined tracks below in consultation with your advisor, who is designated by the program director. Note that not all elective courses are offered every year, so alternatives within the track may need to be chosen.

Track 1: Production

Students interested in producing films or videos choose from:

ART 132 – Photography

ART 215 – Introduction to Web Design

ART 315 – Graphic Systems

ART 340 – Digital Imaging

COM 243 – Studio Production

ENL 328- Screenwriting

FLM 124 – Monster Movies

FLM 240 – Animation

FLM 312 – Film Production II

FLM 348 – Intermediate Video Production

FLM 399 – Internship

FLM 495- Topics

FLM 499 – Independent Study

MUS 130 – Introduction to Music in the Fine Arts

PHY 119 – Physics for the Fine Arts

THR 328 – Theatrical Design

Track 2: Theory and Culture

Students interested in analysis of film, film genres, and cultural context choose from:

AIS 264 – American Indians in the Cinema

AIS 364 – Indigenous Filmmakers

AIS 208 – Native American/First Nations Women and Film

ART 240 – Art History Survey

ENL 240 – Foundations of Literary and Cultural Study

ENL 328 – Screenwriting

ENL 430 – Advanced Studies in Theory and Method

FLM 124 – Monster Movies

FLM 399 – Internship

FLM 495- Topics

FLM 499 – Independent Study

PHI 120 – Ethics

PHY 119 – Physics for the Fine Arts

RLN 319 – Religion at the Movies

SPA 248 – Spanish and Latin American Culture Through Film

Film Minor

  • COM 120 – Mass Media and Popular Culture
  • COM 247 – Documentary History and Theory
  • ENL 241 – Introduction to Cinema Arts
  • ENL 371 – History of Cinema
  • FLM 180 – Film Sight and Sound
  • FLM 420 – Issues in Contemporary Cinema