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Potential Careers

What can you do with a major in Communication Studies?  There are lots and lots of possibilities, including:

ADVERTISING – copy writer, media planner, advertising specialist, media sales representative

COMMUNICATION EDUCATION – high school speech teacher, debate coach, college or university professor, language arts coordinator, communication curriculum specialist

ELECTRONIC AND NEW MEDIA  – broadcasting stations manager, director of broadcasting, film editor, news director, technical director, actor, news anchor, announcer, researcher

JOURNALISM – reporter, editor, copy writer, script writer, news service researcher, technical writer

PUBLIC RELATIONS – publicity manager, press agent, corporate public affairs specialist, fundraiser, media analyst, researcher

BUSINESS – sales representative, manager, negotiator, customer service representative, communication trainer, human resources manager

HEALTH CARE – health educator, medical grants writer, hospital director of communication, hospice manager, health-care counselor, medical training supervisor

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS – corporate representative, translator, student tour coordinator, diplomat, foreign relations officer, foreign correspondent

LAW – public defender, corporate attorney, public interest attorney, legal secretary, paralegal, legal reporter, law professor, arbitrator

SOCIAL AND HUMAN SERVICES – public administrator, social worker, recreational supervisor, human rights officer, counselor, religious leader


(Our thanks for this list to: Richard West and Lynn H. Turner, Introducing Communication Theory, 3rd ed. (McGraw-Hill, 2007).)