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Communication Studes

Communication Studies, Film, and New Media

Communication studies focuses on human interaction—from face-to-face conversations to mass media—and examines how those messages are encoded, sent, and decoded across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. Augsburg’s Communication Studies, Film, and New Media Department teaches the effective and ethical practice of human communication to prepare students for careers in a wide variety of industries.

We Are Called To Train Ethical and Effective Communicators

Our discipline is grounded in rhetorical and scientific principles and is guided by the need to make communicative choices that are artful, ethical, and effective. Students who major in communication studies are concerned with:

  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Mass media
  • Public advocacy and social influence
  • Group and organizational dynamics
  • Intercultural dimensions of communication

The Communication Studies major is popular because of the flexible career options it provides. Graduates take many different career paths, some of which you can find on our Potential Careers page.

Prospective majors should meet with a departmental adviser as early as possible to design an approved major program, preferably by the end of the sophomore year.