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Parking On Campus

As an urban campus, Augsburg University has always worked hard to maintain ample parking for its community. We must facilitate parking and enforce procedure in order to accommodate the high usage of our limited parking areas on campus. This site reviews parking policies and procedures. Your cooperation in following parking regulations will be greatly appreciated by Public Safety and the Augsburg community. All questions concerning parking should be directed to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 612-330-1717 or by emailing

Augsburg Permits are for Augsburg University parking lots only, and areas of 21st Ave S, 8th St, and 7th st. labeled Augsburg Commuter Parking. Augsburg permits may be issued to faculty, staff, and students. Augsburg permits are not valid on city streets. Permits are numbered and must be hung on rearview mirror clearly visible, with the University logo facing out the windshield. Improperly displayed permits are subject to citation. You must purchase an Augsburg permit in order to park in any Augsburg University parking lot.

To help free up parking space and encourage environmental awareness, Augsburg University encourages carpooling and a special parking policy has been established with reserved spots for carpoolers.

Campus Parking Lot Map (PDF)


A City permit is required to park on most of the streets surrounding the University for longer than the posted limits. Only persons who actually live in the campus residence halls may purchase permits from the City of Minneapolis. For detailed information on obtaining a City parking permit, please visit the parking permits page and read under the City Permit heading.

City street parking regulations are enforced by the City of Minneapolis according to posted signs. Please remember Snow Emergency parking regulations apply to city street parking.

Accessible Parking

Anyone parking in handicap spaces on Augsburg’s campus must have two permits: an Augsburg permit and a State Accessibility permit. Vehicles without the necessary permits parked in designated handicapped spaces may be ticketed by Minneapolis Police and Augsburg University Public Safety. There are accessible spaces available in every lot on campus.

Please note that ALL Augsburg permits are valid in ALL handicapped spaces on campus when a valid MN handicapped license is also displayed.

Parking Lot Information (When & Where to park)

To assist people using our lots, each lot is labeled with a separate letter. Please see the Campus Parking Maps, available as links from this site. Click here to view an overall campus map.

All Augsburg parking lots are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Valid permits are required 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Parking Policies

  1. Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense.
  2. Trailers, boats, RVs, ATVs, etc., may not be parked in any Augsburg lot without prior permission from DPS.
  3. Augsburg University is not responsible for thefts or damages that may occur to vehicles or the contents of any vehicle parked on the Augsburg University campus.
  4. No vehicle may be parked in a designated space at an angle or over a stall line.
  5. No vehicle may be parked in an area except those areas designated by lines indicating a parking stall – no posted signs are required in order for DPS to enforce this policy.
  6. No vehicle may be parked for any amount of time in a fire lane, on striped area, blocking handicapped access, or on any unpaved surface. No posted signs are required in order for DPS to enforce this policy.
  7. No vehicle other than an authorized commercial or university vehicle may block a dock without prior permission from DPS.
  8. No vehicle may be parked as to block access to any dumpster.
  9. No vehicle may be parked or standing in a zone posted “10 Minutes” or “30 Minutes” in excess of the posted time.
  10. No vehicle may be parked at a meter in excess of the metered time.
  11. No vehicle may be parked in a space designated for handicap parking without displaying a current state handicap license plate or permit and an Augsburg University permit. The state fine by law enforcement agencies can be imposed for this violation in conjunction with the Augsburg fine.
  12. Parking permit must be clearly visible and unobstructed on rearview mirror with University logo and number facing out the windshield.
  13. The obtaining of a parking permit under false pretenses or falsifying the information on the permit application or the altering of a permit constitutes a violation, and vehicle will be subject to citation, and/or towing at owner/operator’s expense. This may also result in revocation of parking privileges.
  14. The theft, use, or possession of a stolen parking permit constitutes a violation, and vehicle will be subject to citation, and/or towing at owner/operators expense. This may also result in revocation of parking privileges.
  15. Upon being given notice that a lot will close for maintenance, snow removal, or special event, vehicles must be moved within 24 hours. Vehicles remaining in any closed lot will be subject to citation, and/or towing at owner/operators expense.

Snow Emergencies

The City of Minneapolis issues snow emergency parking restrictions for the streets. To find out what the restrictions are and when they are in effect, please call the Minneapolis Snow Emergency Hotline any time 24/7 at 612-348-SNOW.

What you can do to help the parking crunch:

Here are a few things that Augsburg employees and students can do to prevent parking problems and to aid in resolving existing problems:

  • Make an effort to carpool whenever possible.
  • Check parking availability in lot L
  • Use public transportation. Augsburg is served by the city bus system (MTC). Call 612-349-7000 for information on bus schedules and routes.
  • The Augsburg area is also served by the Hiawatha Light Rail Transit. Call 612-373-3333 for information or visit their website at
  • To connect with the Ride-Share program, call (612) 349-RIDE.
  • Request that your guests park on the city streets if they will be here for only a short time. If your guests will be here for more than a few hours, please get a visitor parking permit from the DPS in the Urness/Mort lobby. Be sure to advise your guests when and where they are allowed to park.
  • If it is necessary to park on city streets, obey all signs and be considerate of neighbors by parking properly.
  • Report problems and illegally parked vehicles to DPS at 612-330-1717.