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Parking On Campus

general overview

As an urban community, Augsburg continues to work hard to maintain ample and effective parking for our University. While embracing the city and urban environment, parking can be limited. Parking on Augsburg’s campus does require a valid Augsburg issued permit at all times your vehicle is parked in an Augsburg space/lot. Your permit must reflect the appropriate area you are parked in, or you may still be subject to ticketing and/or towing at your expense. Please take the time to look at our map of Augsburg’s Campus for locations of parking lots, and the type of permit required.  For additional information please email

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Parking Registration

Accessible Parking

Visitor/Guest Parking

Temporary Permits

Interim Permits

Motorcycle and Moped Parking

Bicycle Parking

Parking Enforcement

Citation Appeals

Transportation Information

Parking registration

Spring parking permits will go on sale for all eligible groups beginning on December 2nd at 9:00 am.  Spring semester permits are only needed if you purchased a Fall permit or are new to Augsburg and want the ability to park in Augsburg owned lots.  If you purchased a “year” permit, you do not need to purchase a Spring semester permit to continue to park in Augsburg owned lots.  Please visit the ‘Parking Services’ website located on the Inside Augsburg page to purchase a permit, pricing information is below.


Student Resident: $195

Student Commuter: $179

AFA/Grad: $61

Adjunct Faculty or Part-Time Staff (below .5 FTE): $105

Full-Time Faculty/Staff: $252

Luther Underground*: $470

OGC Underground*: $505

*Underground spaces will be offered to Fall semester permit holders first, any spots that open up will be available for purchase; after the open spots are sold you may join a waitlist in case a space opens up.

Please email with any questions



First year resident students are ineligible for parking their vehicles on campus. Very few exceptions can be made each academic year and are limited to medical necessities. In order to request an exception, you must email the Director of Public Safety, Scott Brownell, at with an explanation of your situation and why you are in need of an exception. All other forms of request will not be considered.

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Accessible Parking

Anyone parking in handicap spaces on Augsburg’s campus must have two permits: an Augsburg permit and a State Accessibility permit. Vehicles without the necessary permits parked in designated handicapped spaces may be ticketed by Minneapolis Police and Augsburg University Public Safety. There are accessible spaces available in every lot on campus.

Please note that ALL Augsburg permits are valid in ALL handicapped spaces on campus when a valid MN handicapped license is also displayed.

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visitor/guest parking

If you need a parking permit for your visitor or event coming to campus, you may request them by emailing with the details of the visit or event. Please plan ahead and allow at least 2 business days for a response.

If you are in need of a parking pass for your guest coming to campus, please come to the public safety window in the Urness/Mortensen Lobby with your guest and be sure both of you have your photo ID’s. The student dispatcher at the window will assist you in getting the appropriate permit you need. For additional information, please email

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Temporary parking permits

Don’t have a permit and need to park on campus? You may request a temporary permit at the public safety window in the Urness/Mortensen lobby. The charge for a temporary permit is $5.00 per day your vehicle is parked on campus. This permit has to be issued by the department of public safety and can only be obtained in person. For additional information, please email

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interim parking permits

Do you have a permit but you forgot it and need to park on campus? You may request an interim permit at the public safety window in the Urness/Mortensen Lobby. This permit has to be issued by the department of public safety and can only be obtained in person. For additional information, please email

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Motorcycles and Mopeds are not required to be registered through Parking Services though it is highly recommended. Registering your vehicle allows Public Safety to contact you if we notice a problem such as damage to your vehicle or if your vehicle needs to be moved due to an emergency or construction issue on campus. For instructions on how to register, select “Register for Parking ” A motorcycle/moped permit is not required to use the marked Motorcycle and Moped parking areas. The designated areas on the map below are the only areas motorcycles/mopeds may park.

Motorcycles/mopeds may park only in designated areas. See the Motorcycle/Moped and Bicycle parking map (PDF).

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Bicycles are not required to be registered, though it is highly recommended. Registering your bicycle allows Public Safety to contact you if there is an issue with your bicycle and it needs to be moved. Stolen bicycles are often recovered by Minneapolis Police. When your bicycle is registered, the opportunity for your bicycle to be returned to you is greatly increased. Bicycle Registration materials are also available at the Public Safety desk in the Urness/Mortensen lobby. Completed forms can be turned into Public Safety.

Bicycles may only be parked and locked to official bicycle racks. Bicycles parked along fences, handrails, or signposts will be impounded. Unclaimed bicycles will be donated to local bicycle restoration organizations. See the Motorcycle/Moped and Bicycle parking map (PDF).

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Parking Enforcement

Augsburg DPS personnel will be issuing citations and towing vehicles without valid permits in all campus surface lot parking areas. Primary hours of enforcement will be 8:00am – 4:00pm during the academic year.

Vehicles parked in a fire lane, on a striped area, blocking handicapped access or driveways, in reserved spaces, or on any unpaved surface, will also be subject to citation and towing at the owner/operator’s expense without notice.

Parking fines must be paid to DPS at the dispatch center or mailed to DPS at Campus Box #78, within 14 days of the issue date. Unpaid fines will be assessed to the individual’s Student Augsburg account.  For Faculty and Staff, unpaid fines will be forwarded to Payroll to be deducted on the next available payroll payment, and a late fee may be assessed. Anyone with an outstanding fine will not be allowed to register, receive transcripts, or purchase a parking permit in the future. Fines outstanding for more than one semester may be forwarded to a collection agency. Parking on campus is a privilege. The privilege may be revoked for continued or gross violations of parking regulations.

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Anyone wishing to appeal an Augsburg parking citation must email the Director of Public Safety, Scott Brownell, at with details of the appeal. All appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the issue date of the citation. A lost ticket, forgetfulness, running late, parking only for a short period, failure to display parking permit, parking in non-designated spaces, and/or not seeing signs are unacceptable grounds for appeal, and will not be considered.

By appealing a ticket, you claim responsibility for all vehicles involved, regardless of ownership of the vehicle.

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Transportation Information

There are many  transportation options in the Twin Cities area and the Augsburg University Department of Public Safety promotes using these transportation methods. Some popular resources include Metro Transit bus/light rail system, biking along the Green Way, and car-sharing. Please visit the Augsburg Transportation Page for more information regarding public transit use, biking, and other options.

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