DPS officers are available to take reports for anyone who experiences a crime on Augsburg’s campus. Reports can be made for a variety of incidents, including medical calls, suspicious person/vehicle, thefts, burglaries, assaults, domestic disputes, and criminal sexual conduct. Reports can be made with DPS officers 24 hours a day, pending the availability of the officer in regards to other campus emergencies and duties. 

Making a report does not necessarily require follow-up with or by Augsburg’s conduct process nor with any law enforcement agencies.  You are not required to contact DPS, but making a report with a DPS officer is very helpful in preventing crime at Augsburg and, if possible, identifying perpetrators.  If the incident is an emergency or the incident is happening “right now,” you should contact DPS at (612) 330-1717 or call 9-1-1.  Following a report, Officers will initiate any necessary follow-up with, and/or assist people with, contacting law enforcement agencies.

Federal law requires schools to report statistical information regarding certain types of crimes.  This information is maintained on our Crime Alerts and Logs page.  We also provide a daily crime log with brief summaries of Clery reportable incidents.

How-To Make a Report

To make a report, come to the dispatch window in the Urn/Mort lobby or call dispatch at (612) 330-1717 and tell the dispatcher you want to make a report. The dispatcher will require some information from you, including but not limited to your name, the type of incident (theft, assault, damage to property, etc.), and the location of the incident. Pending the availability of the officer based on other campus duties and emergencies, the officer will meet you to take the report.

There is also an Anonymous Tip Form available for reporting incidents on-campus, or involving Augsburg community members.

What You Need to File a Report

Before making a report, based on the nature of the incident and your own safety, you should gather what information you can regarding the incident. Being as specific as possible about the date and time of the incident, for instance, will enable the officer to be able to help you to the best of their ability.

You should note and provide the officer with the make, model, serial numbers, and other identifying information regarding stolen property whenever possible. The officer will be able to take photos of any damage done to property as well, but you can feel free to provide your own photos if you wish.

Minneapolis Police Department

The Minneapolis Police Department is the primary law enforcement authority that works with Augsburg College.  For emergencies, call 911.  You can also call 311 in Minneapolis.  For certain, non-violent crimes and thefts under $1,000.00, Minneapolis Police also provides the MPD E-File system where you can file your report online.

Tips for when and how to call Minneapolis 911 & 311 can be found on their website’s Report a Crime page.