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New Green Line Light Rail StationdistrictMap-westBank

The West bank stop on the Green Line is an approved escort pick up & drop off point. The spot the officer will meet you at is located on 3rd Street South just after you turn off Cedar Ave, near Mayday Books.

More info on the Green Line can be found at their website.


See the full list of approved Escort Locations

The hours of operation for the campus escort service will be provided from “dusk until dawn”. Throughout the year, campus community members may request an escort during the following times:

A.)  June 21 – September 22 Hours of Operation: 9pm – 7am

B.)  September 23 – December 20 Hours of Operation: 6pm – 7am

C.)  December 21 – March 8 Hours of Operation: 4pm – 7am

D.)  March 8 – June 20 Hours of Operation: 7pm – 7am

All requested escorts must have point of origin or destination on campus. The only exception to this would be in the event of a non-emergency transport to an authorized medical facility.

The Director of Public Safety or their designee may suspend escort operations due to inclement weather or an emergency or exigent circumstance.

What we need from you:

When a college community member requests an escort, we will need a little information in order to get you where you need to go. The information that we need to assist you is:

A.)  Name of the requestor.

B.)  Contact information of the requesting party.

C.)  Augsburg ID number (students)

D.)  Department of Employment (Faculty and Staff)

E.)  Point of origin.

F.)  Point of destination.

G.) Number of people in party.

H.)  Any mobility issues.

Anyone requesting an escort shall adhere to the following requirements for service:

  • The requesting party must be dressed appropriately for the weather.
  • The requesting party must be at the intended pickup point at the time of their request.
  • The requesting party must disclose any luggage or large items that they intend to bring with them during the escort.

The requesting party must be prepared to physically move or carry any luggage or large items in their possession. Each Public Safety Employee is instructed to not assist with the physical transfer of luggage or large items to and from the patrol vehicle.