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July 10, 2017: Preparations for the terrazzo lobby floor

Work begins this week to prepare the lobby floor for the terrazzo art installation. The artist, Stan Sears, will begin work on site to lay out the floor. To learn more about this and other art installations in the building, see the detail about the sponsored artwork on the Art and Identity web site.

Drawing of the terrazzo lobby floor
One of the art installations in the Hagfors Center is a multi-color terrazzo floor in the lobby. This image shows a conceptual design of the floor.

Construction Site Work

Removal of 6th Street curb cuts and approaches. Existing curb cuts and former driveway approaches on the south side of South 6th Street are anticipated to be removed in the next couple of weeks, The construction fence will be temporarily modified as necessary to complete the work. The curb approaches are not needed on South 6th Street because the driveway to the parking lot on the north side of the building will be built on 21st Avenue South. Regular curb will be installed along South 6h Street at a later date.

Landscaping. Excavation work continues on the storm water basin on the south side of the site. The photo below shows a glimpse of the progress on digging the basin. Crews also are spreading top soil throughout the construction site in preparation for landscaping work.

Excavation work on the storm water basin
Digging the storm water basin is in process.











Terrace work. Crews will also pour charcoal-color concrete bands on the building’s south terrace. The colored concrete is the darker color shown in the drawing of the main entrance plan (below). A similar pattern will also ring the rotunda area.

A drawing of the main entrance terrace and rotunda
Close up of the main entrance site plan shows the terrace and paved rotunda area.













Rotunda. The curb that forms the inner ring of the rotunda has been poured, and crews now are working on the curb that will form the outer ring. (See photos below.)

Crews continue work on the inner- and outer-ring curbs of the rotunda at the intersection of 21st Avenue South and South 7th Street.
A view of the rotunda from inside the skyway. This photo also provides a glimpse of the artwork on the skyway glass.












Lobby ceiling. Crews have finished installing the elm wood that surrounds the chapel suspended over the Hagfors Center lobby. (See photos below.)

Elm wood lobby ceiling
Elm wood has been installed underneath the suspended chapel, wrapping up to the exterior walls of the chapel.
Elm wood on the exterior walls of the suspended chapel
A side view shows the elm wood wall on the exterior of the suspended chapel wrapping around to the lobby ceiling underneath the chapel.