The SEVIS I-20

The I-20 is a multipurpose government form used in connection with many F-1 procedures and benefits.

Redesigned I-20

SEVIS I-20 is a three-page U.S. government document. SEVIS-I-20 indicates the class of admissions on the right side of the form and the SEVIS student ID number.

  • Page 1 contains biographical and program information, and funding details,
  • Page 2 contains instructions to the school and student, and
  • Page 3 contains signature spaces for travel authorization.

Dependents accompanying the F-1 student in F-2 status must have their own SEVIS I-20 form, issued in the name of the dependent. Please work with your international admissions counselor if you plan to bring dependents with you.

Upon receipt of your I-20, please review document for accuracy. If any corrections are needed please email your international admissions counselor.

Student Role in the F-1 Process

The student signs in the Student Attestation section on the SEVIS I-20 form to indicate that he or she has read and understood the terms and conditions of F-1 status. If the student is under the age of 18, his or her parent or legal guardian’s signature MUST accompany the student’s signature on the SEVIS I-20.

The student pursues a full course of study at the school that issued his or her I-20.

The student follows the proper procedures to transfer schools, change educational levels, or extend his or her program.

Report Date on the SEVIS I-20

F-1 students will be permitted to enter the United States 30 days prior to their report date, which is listed under Program of Study on SEVIS I-20. Please note that if you enter the United States after the report date, you may encounter difficulty with immigration at the Port of Entry.