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Tuition and Scholarships

Incoming first-year and transfer international students to our undergraduate program will automatically be awarded the following scholarship upon admission to Augsburg University.  Notification of the scholarship is done through the acceptance letter and no separate application is required.


The International Regents Scholarship recognizes new first year and transfer degree seeking international students in our undergraduate day population. This scholarship is automatically awarded to all first year and transfer international students who are admitted to Augsburg University.

Please Note: Due to the generous amount of the International Regents Scholarship, the recipient cannot receive any other Augsburg scholarships.  All recipients must be enrolled full time in the day program working towards their first bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for institutional aid.

Estimated cost of attendance

For the 2024-2025 Academic Year:

Tuition and Fees           $45,480

Room and Board          $11,905

Miscellaneous Fees *   $3,000 (Includes Books, Health Insurance, etc..) 

Total Costs                    $60,745

After factoring in the $30,000 per year scholarship from Augsburg, your remaining out of pocket direct costs to attend will be $30,745 per year.

*This figure does not include travel to and from a student’s home country. Please note that all funding sources must be documented in order to secure a student (F-1) visa.