STEM Programs

STEM Programs

Augsburg STEM programs are designed to support undergraduate students who are pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math.  This can encompass a number of majors including physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, biopsychology, and mathematics.  To maintain and enhance Augsburg’s vital STEM community, this office provides students with opportunities to conduct research with faculty, attend and present at national conferences, and hear from leading researchers in these fields.  The categories to the right highlight our STEM programs as well as the exciting research and community-building going on here at Augsburg.

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Augsburg Internship Opportunities

The Great Lakes Career Ready Internship Program

Register for the SciTechsperience Paid Internship Program

Register for INROADS Paid Internship Program

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Latest News

Student Research at Zyzzogeton!

Friday, April 10, 2015
Oren Gateway Center

This event, sponsored by URGO, McNair, and STEM Programs, is a chance for Augsburg students to share the progress of their research with faculty, fellow students, family, and the community. Last year, over 75 students participated in Zyzzogeton.

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