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Impact and Innovation Grant

The STEM Impact and Innovation Grant has been made possible through funding provided by a generous donor. The Augsburg community (students, staff and faculty) are encouraged to solicit funding from this grant to turn ideas into action. Proposals for funding should align with the following goals:

  • To provide STEM students with scalable opportunities that help them develop clarity of purpose and explore career interests.
  • To create a positive impact on Augsburg’s STEM community.

To apply for a grant of up to $500, please complete the following:  STEM Impact and Innovation Grant Proposal Google Form.

If you would like to receive a grant for more than $500, please contact Rebekah Dupont ( to discuss availability of funds and feasibility of project before submitting a request for funding.

Students and STEM Programs staff attend IoT Fuse 2018.
Students and STEM Programs staff attend IoT Fuse 2018.

With funding from the Impact and Innovation Grant, Augsburg students and STEM Programs staff headed to the Minneapolis Convention Center spring 2018 to attend the IoT Fuse Conference – an event that featured “a variety of exhibits, speakers and interesting sessions, with the aim of ‘fusing together’ both engineers, developers and the technical crowd, with the Marketing, Business, Finance and Art crowd” (IoT 2018).

Reflecting on their experiences at the conference, students shared:

Attending this event helped me grow professionally because I got the opportunity to network with industry professionals and learn more about the type of technology and tools that they are developing.

This event was extremely meaningful to me because I got to learn so much about some of the important issues and advantages about certain technologies.”

“It was very inspiring to see all the people in tech and how everyone has a unique story of how they got to their position.”