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Frequently Asked Questions

PRISM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I am planning to go into the health field. Can I apply? 

A: If your major is one of the following STEM majors (Biology, Biopsychology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Data Science, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, or Physics), you are eligible to apply. However, in accordance with the NSF grant, preference may be given to those whose career goals are related to the advancement of STEM (vs. Healthcare).  
Q: I am not sure what my major GPA is. How do I find out?
A: Your major GPA is located in the degree progress tab in Records and Registration when you run a major progress report.
Q: My current GPA is under a 2.75. Should I still apply?
A: If you are currently below a 2.75 in your major, you are not eligible to apply.
Q: What is the average GPA of the current PRISM Scholars?
A: 3.7
Q: How do I know if I qualify as having “financial need”?
A: To be financially eligible, you need to have completed the FAFSA, and be either Pell-eligible, MN State Grant eligible. In addition, you need to have unmet need in your financial aid award. If you are uncertain, you can reach out to to set up a phone or video appointment with one of their staff members.
Q: I am studying abroad next year. Can I still be a PRISM Scholar?
A: Yes, as long as you are able to commit to being an active member of the cohort.
Q: Are international students eligible?
A: No. Because scholarship funding is from the national government, unfortunately, international students are not eligible. 
Q: I am a transfer student planning to attend Augsburg Spring semester. Can I still apply?
A: We encourage incoming transfer students who have been accepted to Augsburg for Spring to apply. You would receive a prorated scholarship for the semester in which you are enrolled.
Q: I am not sure if I want to go to graduate school. Can I still apply?
A: Absolutely. The purpose of the grant is to prepare students for success in the STEM workforce. Some students may choose to go to graduate school before entering the workforce, while others may prefer to go into the STEM field immediately.
Q: I am really busy. How much time will I need to commit to PRISM?
A: Our goal is to help you succeed as a student so we hope the required PRISM events further your plans are not excessively burdensome. Scholars are expected to attend workshops each semester, meet with faculty mentors, and participate in scholar meetings. Each semester you will be required to complete surveys in support of our reporting to NSF. We will also hold some interviews and focus groups as part of the grant process. PRISM Scholars often contribute to events that support other STEM students at Augsburg as well.
Q: Do I need to do anything to keep my scholarship?
A: Yes. You need to maintain or work towards a 3.0 GPA by graduation, participate in required PRISM events (see previous question), and demonstrate continued financial need. As long as you maintain eligibility, you do not need to reapply. Students may receive the PRISM Scholarship for up to five semesters. The PRISM Scholarship Program is funded through August 2025. Scholarships awarded Fall 2025 and beyond are contingent on continued funding.
Have more questions? E-mail Professor and Director of STEM Programs Rebekah Dupont at!