Education (Food to Know)

Cooking-class-smallEverything we do is built on education. Learning happens differently in our various programs. It could be cooking tips from local vegetable growers at the farmers markets; trying new recipes in the kitchen during our cooking classes; working alongside lifelong gardeners in the community garden and watching how they design and manage a small space of plants; and the conversations we have when serving and eating with our neighbors.

Please follow the pages’ link to learn more about the meals we serve, the schedule of the farmers markets, and how to get involved with the community garden. As for the cooking classes we offer to Augsburg College students on campus, we are currently meeting Tuesdays from 7-9 pm in the Augsburg Central Kitchen (top floor of Christensen). To see the menus and which days are open see our volunteer calendar, and once you confirm that there’s still space in the shift that you’re interested in, sign up here.

If you’re interested in our gardening classes in the spring, follow the previous link and submit your contact information, and we’ll follow up with you when we have the schedule confirmed.