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Potential Careers



History alum Kristin Kaspar ’09, of Hopkins, MN, works as a software analyst. She also published a history of the Hopkins Library on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

Peter Stearns, in his essay “Why Study History?”, says this about the “hire-ability” of history majors:

Employers often deliberately seek students with the kinds of capacities historical study promotes. Students of history … develop research skills, the ability to find and evaluate sources of information, and the means to identify and evaluate diverse interpretations. Work in history also improves basic writing and speaking skills and is directly relevant to many of the analytical requirements in the public and private sectors.

History majors do more than become history teachers — not that there’s anything wrong with that! Think of the diverse careers of all of these famous people: John F. Kennedy, Martha Stewart, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Steve Carell, Jimmy Buffett, Julia Child, Conan O’Brien, Lauryn Hill, Edward Norton, and Lee Iacocca. All of them were history majors in college!

History majors find work in archives, libraries, museums, publishing houses, research institutions, philanthropic organizations, as well as in management, advertising, banking, government, insurance, law, marketing, journalism, public relations, tourism, and lots more. Visit the American Historical Association website to read Careers for Students of History.