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Degree Requirements 2019-2020

History Major

Nine courses, including HIS 280 and HIS 480. At least four of these courses must be upper division. A major must have at least one course (either survey or upper level) from each of the four areas: ancient and medieval, modern Europe, United States, and non-Western.

History Area Courses

  • Ancient and Medieval: HIS101, 102, 360, 361, 369, 370, 374, 378, or HUM 120
  • Modern Europe: HIS102, 103, 282, 348, 352, or 354
  • United States: HIS120, 121, 122, 225, 234, 236, 241, 242, 243, 249/349, 300, 316, 331, 332, 335, 336, 338, or 343
  • Non-Western: HIS104, 140/440, 150/350, 155/355, 162/462, 323, 327, 346, 357, or 474

Graduation Skills

The Critical Thinking (CT) graduation skill is embedded throughout the offered courses and is met by completing the major. Speaking (S) and Writing (W) skills are also developed throughout the major, but are given special emphasis in the following courses (both required for majors):

S: HIS 480

W: HIS 280 and HIS 480

The Quantitative Reasoning (QR) graduation skill may be fulfilled by taking HIS 369, GST 200, MAT 111, MAT 145, MAT 146, MAT163, PHI 230, or an approved QR course from a second major.

Teaching Licensure

The State of Minnesota has specific licensing requirements for teachers that may differ slightly in emphasis from the Augsburg major requirements. The state requirements may also be subject to change after publication of this catalog. Students therefore should consult with the Augsburg Department of Education to identify current Minnesota teacher licensure requirements.


Five HIS courses, at least three of which must be upper division.

Departmental Honors

GPA of 3.60 in the major and 3.00 overall; except in special instances, application before the end of the first term of the junior year and an honors thesis (equal to four credits) to be defended before a faculty committee.

Other Requirements

First-year students should enroll in one or more 100-level courses. 200-level courses are normally reserved for sophomore or upper division students. Upper division courses are numbered 300 and above.


Satisfactory completion of a lower division course (100- or 200-level) is normally required before enrolling in an upper division course (300- and 400-level). See instructor for permission to waive prerequisites.

Transfer Students

Transfer students planning a major must normally take at least three of their courses at Augsburg including HIS 280 and 480. A minor normally requires two courses taken at Augsburg.

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Description Search.