Committed to Language and Cultural Understanding

language_overviewThe Department of Languages and Cross-Cultural Studies at Augsburg College contributes in many ways to realizing the College’s mission of preparing students to be informed citizens and critical thinkers. The department is committed to the view that education should go beyond career preparation and that familiarity with the language and culture of another people is an essential step in the development of a truly global perspective.

The department offers language, literature, and culture courses leading to majors in French, German, Norwegian, and Spanish, as well as an interdisciplinary major in Cross-Cultural studies. Introductory courses in Ojibwe, Farsi, and American Sign Language are offered at Augsburg, and courses in Chinese, Japanese, Latin, and Greek are available to Augsburg students through the College’s affiliation with ACTC, a consortium of Twin Cities colleges.

Knowledge of several languages, perhaps combined with the study of linguistics, is essential in preparing for careers in second-language education and translation, but also represents a valuable special qualification in many other professions. Students anticipating careers in international business, law, social work, the diplomatic corps, the health professions, or the ministry may wish to take a second major or minor in languages. In addition, a minor in languages is a valuable research tool for those intending to pursue graduate study in most academic disciplines.