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Alex Kern ’17

My name is Alex Kern. I graduated from Augsburg in 2017 with a major in Cross-Cultural Studies and a minor in Spanish. I have been working various full-time jobs since I was sixteen, and consequently my educational route has been winding and prolonged. I began my college experience with a six-month stint in art school, then spent three years in a community college, and eventually transferred to Augsburg to complete my bachelor’s degree. I was drawn to Augsburg because of its wealth of language courses, its Center for Global Education and Experience, and its various other international connections.

The Cross-Cultural Studies program provided me with a diverse set of classes perfect for someone with interests as broad as my own. In English, Spanish, Latin, and Slovene I was exposed to countless narratives through a variety of mediums touching on topics such as politics, history, science, and art. Along with language-specific courses, much of my work focused on the application of cultural thought in various fields and how particular forms of cultural communication have shaped our current world.

Augsburg’s Center for Global Education and Experience served as a spectacular vehicle for fulfilling the international requirements of a Cross-Cultural Studies major. Unable to spend a long period abroad due to my work schedule, the short-term study abroad options allowed me to study and practice language firsthand in Nicaragua, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy. My time in these countries not only expanded my understanding of topics including social justice, religion, psychology, and education, but also deeply broadened my knowledge of culture on a global level.

Narrative is a foundational aspect of human communication, and the lessons and opportunities provided for me by the Languages and Cross-Cultural Studies Department have opened my eyes to a range of perspectives on the human condition. With my bachelor’s degree completed, I can now focus on utilizing the knowledge and skills I have acquired from my time at Augsburg in my vocational aspirations. I am endeavoring to work with a local publishing company, along with continuing the development of my own personal writing of stories and essays.

(Last update: August 2017)