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Jamila Lee ’13

Jamila Lee¡Hola!

My name is Jamila Lee and I graduated from Augsburg in 2013 with a double major in Spanish and Psychology. During my time there I studied abroad twice through Augsburg’s CGE program in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Immersing myself in Mexico was the absolute best way to further my understanding of the Spanish language, meet amazing people and expand my network, and provide myself with a new and much needed lens into counseling Latina/o Americans.

Since graduating I’ve been returning to various parts of Mexico at least twice each year, using the knowledge and tools from Augsburg to soak up as many experiences as I can. Every time I come back to Minnesota, I have new stories and strategies that I can use in my work as an aspiring licensed psychologist.

I am currently employed at The Emily Program, a national leader in the treatment of eating disorders. As an Eating Disorder Technician, my time is spent with wonderful children and adolescents in a residential facility, providing them with a personalized approach to research-based treatment. I am also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology through the University of St. Thomas.

Not only did my advisors, the courses, and the service-based environment at Augsburg prepare me for my next steps in graduate school; they each prepared me for fulfilling my vocation in such a diverse world. Most of my employment opportunities and advances would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of my advisors. I learned most of my go-to counseling approaches from highly trusted and culturally-competent professors. Some of my dearest friends and favorite hobbies I found during my first experience in Mexico. There is no doubt that God used Augsburg to plant a seed in me that I am 100% ready and excited to continue to grow.

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