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Simone Fuller ’15

Simone FullerMy name is Simone Chale Fuller, and I graduated from Augsburg in 2015 with a triple major in Cross-Cultural studies, Social Work, and Spanish. I am a first-generation college student as well as a first-generation US citizen (my family migrated from Jamaica).

As a Spanish and Cross-Cultural Studies major, I studied in Mexico through Augsburg’s very own CGE program. I decided to study abroad because it was a perfect match for all my majors and the experience gave me the opportunity to improve my conversational skills in Spanish. Because of my study abroad, internship, and classroom involvement, I had a rewarding experience at Augsburg while pursing my Spanish and Cross-Cultural Studies majors.

My study abroad in Mexico was a well-rounded, eye-opening experience in which I stumbled upon my vocation: serving individuals with different capabilities. I was able to acquire more knowledge about individuals with different capabilities, the programs put in place to serve this population, and the unfortunate factors that create significant obstacles for such individuals in Mexico. I decided that I would eventually like to conduct research and travel to different Latin American countries to gain a deeper understanding of how society conceptualizes individuals with different capabilities.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in clinical social work (mental health) through the University of Southern California. After I finish my graduate degree in May 2016, I plan to commit two years of service to the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, where I will provide counseling services to youth and families.

The Spanish courses I took at Augsburg helped me improve my skills tremendously, especially in conversation. One course I particularly enjoyed was Introduction to Cultural Studies (CCS 100), which helped me to think critically about the many elements embedded in the concept of “culture” and offered different theoretical lenses for doing so. With the knowledge I gained from this course, I feel I can travel to Central America with a better understanding of cross-cultural difference.

My experience at Augsburg provided an amazing support system including my advisor, professors, and peers. These individuals were helpful inside and outside the classroom and encouraged me to strive toward my goals. Most importantly, they inspired me to think critically on both an academic and personal level. Because of my Cross-Cultural Studies and Spanish majors, I feel well prepared and confident to continue working toward my long-term goals.

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