Clinical Psychology

The clinical psychology concentration is designed to prepare students for careers and graduate education in mental health. Students will learn about the biological, psychological, and social factors related to defining, understanding, and treating abnormal behavior. Emphasis is placed developing knowledge and skills related to both the science and practice of psychology. Experiential learning opportunities include collaborating on faculty-student research projects and completing an internship in a real-world mental health setting.

See Professor Freiheit in Psychology for advising:  Memorial 327



PSY 105  Principles of Psychology

PSY 215  Research Methods & Statistics I

PSY 315  Research Methods & Statistics II

PSY 262  Abnormal Psychology

PSY 385  Counseling Psychology

PSY 261  Personality/Cultural Context

or PSY 359  Assessment

PSY 491  Advanced Research Seminar

or PSY 493  Senior Seminar

PSY 400  Keystone Internship

Complete at least two of:

PSY 325  Social Behavior

PSY 354  Cognitive Psychology

PSY 355  BioPsychology

Total:  10 courses

Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one additional “specialty” course (e.g., PSY357 Behavior Analysis, PSY410 Clinical Neuropsychology, PSY201 Health Psychology, PSY263 Sports Psychology)