Psychology and Law

The field of psychology and law involves the application of scientific and professional aspects of psychology to issues of law and the legal system. This field encompasses a number of different areas—research, forensic clinical practice, public policy, and teaching among them—and brings together many specialty areas within the field of psychology, such as developmental, social, cognitive, clinical, and neuropsychology. Students in this concentration will participate in at least three experiential learning venues:  laboratory research, a community-based internship, and study tours to Hennepin County Courts.

See Professor Steblay in Psychology for advising:  Memorial 331



PSY 105  Principles of Psychology

PSY 215  Research Methods I

PSY 315  Research Methods II

PSY 360  Psych Lab (.5) (attached to PSY 235)

PSY 325  Social Behavior

PSY 410  Clinical Neuropsychology

Or PSY 359 Assessment

Or PSY 385  Counseling

PSY 235  Psych & Law

PSY 262  Abnormal Psych

PSY 354  Cognitive Psych

PSY 400  Keystone Internship (in applied psycho-legal setting)

PSY 491  Advanced Research Seminar

SOC 277  Intro to Criminology

POL 170   Law in the U.S. or POL 370 Constitutional Law

Total:  12.5 courses

The advisement process will help each student determine the best combination of concentration, Core Curriculum, major, and elective choices.