Degree Requirements


REL 100 (or 300 for advanced transfer students) is prerequisite to all other courses.

Transfer Courses

All transfer courses for majors and minors, including ACTC courses, must be approved in writing by the chair. Only courses successfully completed (2.0 or above) within the last 10 years will be considered. In general, courses that meet the transfer guidelines may only be applied to elective credit for the major. Students who have taken an approved introductory course in Bible and/or Christian theology at another college may take REL 300 in place of the College REL 100 and 200 requirement; consult the Registrar’s Office.


All majors must have an advisor in the department.

Departmental Honors

GPA of 3.50 in the major and 3.00 overall, research project approved by the department, and colloquium with the department. Application must be received by the department by December 30 of the student’s senior year.

Religion Major, BA

Eight courses (32 credits) including:

  • REL 210 – Research Methods in Religion
  • REL 495 – Religion Keystone
  • Six additional electives (24 credits)

Note: Keystone, especially for majors, should be taken in the junior or senior year. One New Testament Greek course may be applied to the major.  MUS 432 – Church Music and Worship, may also be applied to the major.

Graduation Skills

The Critical Thinking (CT) graduation skill is embedded throughout the offered courses and is met by completing the major. The graduation skills in Quantitative Reasoning (QR), Speaking (S) and Writing (W) are met by completing the following courses:

QR: GST 200, MAT 145, MAT 146, or PHI 230; or by the QR requirement for a second major

S: REL 302, 386 or consult with advisor for an approved course outside the major

W: REL 495 and one of the following: REL 362, 370, or 481

Transfer students must consult a Religion Department advisor about potential adjustments to their course requirements to fulfill each of these skills.

Religion Minor

Five religion courses (20 credits) including REL 100. (Advanced transfer students take REL 300 and 16 credits of electives.)

Note for majors and minors: Students are required to have at least a 2.0 GPA in courses counted toward the major or minor. One or two courses (4-8 credits) in Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) may count toward the Religion major or minor. MUS 432 – Church Music and Worship, may also be applied to the minor.

Youth and Family Ministry

See the Youth and Family Ministry website.

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Description Search.