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Interfaith Scholars

Interfaith scholars

Yearlong student cohort engaging in dialogue and service

The Interfaith Scholars are a group of students who are interested in exploring the religious diversity of the Augsburg student body, the wider Twin Cities community, and the United States through interreligious dialogue and action. Students from a variety of traditions as well as the non-religious are invited to apply in order to converse respectfully with others about what they believe, why it matters, and how it propels us to service in the world. Once selected, the cohort has both academic and service requirements for an entire academic year.

The Interfaith Scholars Program is a collaboration between Interfaith at Augsburg, Campus Ministry and the Religion Department.


Please see the Interfaith Scholar Information Sheet for specific details about the program.

Applications are being accepted for the 2022-2023 Interfaith Scholars. There are two steps to complete the process:
Interfaith Scholars Application

Faculty or Staff Recommendation

Both applications and recommendations should be completed by Monday, February 28, 2022.

If you have questions, please contact Professor Matt Maruggi (

You can also view profiles and information about past Interfaith Scholars.