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Interfaith at Augsburg

An Institute to Promote Interreligious Leadership

Situated in a neighborhood home to numerous immigrant communities and with an increasingly diverse student body, Augsburg University is uniquely positioned to facilitate building bridges in a polarized world through interreligious communication, understanding and relationships. Because we are shaped by the faith and values of the Lutheran Church, Augsburg is committed to religious diversity being a constructive force serving the common good.


Interfaith Scholars is a group of students interested in exploring the religious diversity of the Augsburg student body, the wider Twin Cities community, and the United States through interreligious dialogue and action.

Recent Posts

2023 Interfaith Symposium

Augsburg hosted its first Interfaith Spring Symposium in March 2023. The topic was “Interfaith Leadership and Healing During Times of …

Trauma and Multi-Faith Engagement

What is Trauma-Informed Care? Trauma-Informed Care understands and considers the pervasive nature of trauma and promotes environments of healing and… …

Chris Stedman Joining the Interfaith Institute as 2023-2024 Research Fellow

The Interfaith Institute is thrilled to welcome nationally-recognized interfaith advocate, humanist community builder and researcher, and Augsburg alum Chris Stedman …

High Holy Days

Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Friday, September 15 and lasts through sundown Sunday, September 17. Yom Kippur begins at …