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Interfaith Conversations on Racial Justice

The murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests calling for racial justice have reverberated throughout Minnesota, around the country, and the world. How have these events disturbed and reoriented individual’s and society’s understanding of racial justice? What does this reckoning mean for people who espouse a religious or spiritual worldview? How does this moment provide an opportunity to reaffirm, rearticulate, or revise how religious and spiritual traditions work towards racial justice?

These videos invite practitioners from differing religious, spiritual, and secular perspectives to be in conversation about the issue of racial justice. During the conversations, these individuals find common ground as well as express ideas and insight that challenge one another to think and act differently.

Part 1


Participants: Pooja Bastodkar, Zenzile Isoke, Tamim Saidi (Moderator), Chris Stedman

Part 1 audio described video

Part 2


Participants: Babette Chatman, Wendy Goldberg, KP Hong, Tamim Saidi (Moderator)

Part 2 audio described video