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Religion Degree Requirements

Augsburg has had an active “religion department” for more than 150 years! The study of religion has been part and parcel of an Augsburg education since Augsburg’s founding in 1869. Much has changed in the course of those 150+ years. Yet questions and answers about the existence and nature of God, the meaning of life, and one’s personal calling remain central to the “lived experience” of most people. The members of the Augsburg University Religion Department are honored to be part of the conversation that starts with the question, “What’s it all about?”


General Education Requirements

RLN 100: Religion, Vocation, and the Search for Meaning I

Augsburg embraces a world of many cultures, beliefs, and traditions.  This introductory course invites students into that engagement between religious commitment and the world through an exploration of vocation, pluralism, and diversity.  The course encounters the search for meaning through the narratives of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and encourages students to consider their own religious, philosophical, and ethical commitments in dialogue with other perspectives.  Course related texts, activities, and experiences foster critical thinking and inquiry.

Religion, Vocation, and the Search for Meaning II

For their second required Religion course, students may choose from a wide range of courses that build on the foundational themes established in RLNEL100 and continue the exploration of vocation, the search for meaning, and role of religion in public life in the context of particular issues, topics, and people.   These courses focus the study of Religion through a specific topic or issue from the broad field of Religion and its connection to Public Life in a variety of social, cultural, and historical settings.   One option, RLNEL 200: Religion, Vocation, and the Search for Meaning II, develops themes from RLNEL 100, including vocation, culture, pluralism, and interreligious dialogue.   Other courses are described in the course listings.  Any course taken in fulfillment of this requirement may count toward a potential Religion major or minor.


RLN 100 is a prerequisite to all other RLN courses.

Transfer Courses

All transfer courses for majors and minors, including ACTC courses, must be approved in writing by the chair. Only courses successfully completed within the last 10 years will be considered. In general, courses that meet the transfer guidelines may only be applied to elective credit for the major.


All majors must have an advisor in the Religion Department.

Departmental Honors

GPA of 3.50 in the major and 3.00 overall, research project approved by the department, and colloquium with the department. Application must be received by the department by December 30 of the student’s senior year.

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, see the Course Description Search.